Colour Discovery

As a Personal Stylist I see Colour Analysis as the building block for everything else that follows. Wearing the correct clothes for your body shape in your correct seasonal colour palette can be a true game changer.

Have you ever seen a certain colour on someone else and wonder why it’s just not right for you?

Do you find yourself shopping and just end up feeling frustrated not knowing what to choose and find yourself panic buying?

Are you afraid of colour and how to wear it with your existing wardrobe?

Wearing the right colour can literally make your eyes sparkle and make you look 10 years younger! Wearing the correct colours for your skin tone will give you a natural glow and have a huge impact on your appearance and how others see you. This truly is transformational in the way you look and feel. Let me prove it to you!

During your colour consultation you will be able to see clearly the impact the wrong and right colour can have on you.

Colour consultation generally takes approximately 45 minutes and includes

  • Colour Analysis using drapes. I will assess your skin and identify your correct seasonal colour palette, highlighting your Zing colours.
  • An explanation of how Colour Analysis works and a little bit about the history behind it.
  • Advice on how to introduce colour into your wardrobe
  • Your own personal colour swatch wallet showing your seasonal palette, highlighting your Zing* colours (* colours that make your eyes pop and your skin appear luminous)
  • A follow up email confirming your colour palette and how to best dress and incorporate colour into your wardrobe.

This experience can also be fun done with a few friends as a Colour Party if you wanted to get a few friends together or as a Gift for a friend, colleague or loved one. Please contact me for more information.

Colour Analysis can form part of an experience including a Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping trip or Style Consultation.

I have been trained in Advanced Colour Analysis by leading industry experts.

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