Wardrobe Edit

Fact – most people only wear between 20-25% of their wardrobes which means we don’t utilise 75-80%

Do you find yourself buying clothes in a panic because you need something for an event and feel you have nothing to wear?

Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that still have labels on or have only been worn once or twice?

Are you always finding yourself going back to the same small selection of clothing and leave most of it unworn as you are unsure how to put an outfit together?

If you are nodding to any of these questions then you are certainly not alone, you have come to the right place.

Booking a wardrobe edit is a perfect starting point in creating a cohesive capsule wardrobe that works for you, your personality and your life style!

My promise to you is that it will be fun, informative and you will be left thinking you should have done it years ago!

Your session will include:

  • Pre-session Questionnaire
  • Full Colour Analysis – identifying your true seasonal colour palette
  • Guidance of how to dress best for your body shape
  • Wardrobe refresh and de-clutter
  • New outfit inspiration – showing combinations from your existing wardrobe
  • Style chat – your true style identity
  • Priority shopping list – indentifying missing items that will complete a working capsule wardrobe
  • Expert Advice throughout the session
  • Follow up summary of all information discussed including a detailed summary of how to dress and shop for your body shape.

I work with you and take great passion in what I do, that’s why I always offer a FREE 20 minute consultation before you decide to go ahead with any of my services. This gives us both the opportunity to get to know each other and I get a feel for your personality and lifestyle and helps give me the building blocks for your wardrobe edit or personal shopping trip.

It’s the start of a very exciting journey that we will embark on together!

By the end of the session you will have a much better clarity on what your true style identity is and get excited about buying new clothes and opening your wardrobe up again.

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