I just want to say how satisfied and happy I am with Patricia’s service as a personal stylist. The first part of the experience consisted of checking and sorting out my wardrobe at home. I always had problems finding the right combination pieces for my existing wardrobe or putting outfits together in different ways. With Patricia’s advice I found more use and fun within my clothes and accessories and also could plan which pieces to buy in order to complete some outfits. Furthermore Patricia helped me single out what suits me best in regards to colour and body shape. For example I only realised after the colour analysis that some of the high end blouses and dresses I had bought over the years and barely worn, were just not the right colour for my skin tone. Instinctively I had always disregarded them, not knowing why. This knowledge will help me in the future to avoid buying the wrong colours. Overall I liked Patricia’s calm and logical method of putting together outfits and her canny eye for detail, style and fit. I also very much appreciated Patricia’s professional preparation of our shopping trip which which was the second part of the experience. She made it easy for me to try and choose from pre-selected items. The shops we went to ranged from well know brands to small boutiques and even a designer for tailor made fashion. I wholeheartedly can recommend Patricia.

I loved her assistance, service and her warm personality. I definitely will be booking Patricia again.